The Secret to Selling Your Airplane in Half the Time

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Pictures sell airplanes. Plain and simple.

Forgive me if this is obvious to you but it is amazing the number of aircraft ads I see online with no pictures at all. Don't believe me? Go take a look at or Trade-a-Plane. Would you try to sell your car or house without showing potential buyers any pictures? No way.

When selling your airplane putting up great pictures is critical to your online ad performance. has said that ads with pictures get viewed 120% more often than ads without and generate 70% more says that aircraft with pictures sell five times faster.

Minimum Picture List

For your ad you need at least 3-4 quality exterior pictures of your airplane and 2-3 interior pictures. Get good pictures of the outside from the 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock positions. Mix in a further back picture and a closer ones. Then get an interior picture of the overall cabin and, of course, the panel. Do your best to make these pictures look great, they can make a huge difference when selling your airplane.

Of course, you actually should take a lot more pictures than these but consider this your "Minimum Picture List:"

Minimum Picture List for Ads

  • Exterior @ 10 o'clock position, 20 feet back
  • Exterior @ 2 o'clock, 10-12 feet back
  • Exterior @ 5 o'clock, 20 feet back
  • Exterior @ 7' o'clock, 10-12 feet back
  • Interior overview from pilot side looking back into cabin
  • Interior panel overview

Making the Difference

Pictures make the difference when it comes to finding a buyer.  Without these pictures you are just wasting your ad money as most buyers skip over ads without pictures.

If you have a good looking airplane show it off. Even if your plane has seen better days buyers will want to see it. No matter what your airplane looks like, buyers want pictures. Take the time to make your plane look its best but don't get worried about it. Airplanes seem to be naturally photogenic, even a plane in less than perfect condition can photograph well.

Remember, selling your airplane is about finding the one buyer who wants your airplane more than any other airplane out there. Pictures quickly weed out the folks who don't want your airplane and save you lots of time answering requests for pictures. When a picture is put in front of the buyer who wants your airplane it can really make them fall in love. For a lot of buyers owning an airplane is the fulfillment of a dream. You're not just selling an airplane, you are selling the dream of aircraft ownership.

Pictures get more potential buyers looking at your ads and help you sell your airplane faster. Don't make the mistake of not including quality pictures in your ad.



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