Go Pro and Get Great Pictures

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Getting a professional photographer for your aircraft sale is not very expensive and can make all the difference in your photos.

Here's your A, B, C guide to getting a pro for $50 or less:

  • Go to Craigslist and search "Services" for "Photographer"
  • Browse the photographers and see who has the best looking sample photos
  • Send at least 3 photographers an email and see who wants the business

C172RIn your email, tell them you want pictures of your airplane and that you will give them a detailed list of photos that you need (get my Ultimate Photo Guide by signing up for email tips). The shoot shouldn't take more than 30 minutes and, if you take the photos on a nice sunny day, there should be very little or no post-production work for the photographer. Let the photographer know that you expect the pictures not to be "watermarked" and that you will need a copyright release as the photos are works for hire.

Finally, make sure the photographer will provide you the photos on-line or a usb/cd.

Getting a photographer like this will take some of the uncertainty out of your picture taking. If you are good with a camera and digital images you probably don't need this service. But if your airplane pictures are dull, fuzzy or unappealing spend a few bucks. Great pictures make all the difference.

Get the Right Pictures

Want to make sure your photographer gets all the right pictures. See the Sell That Plan Ultimate Photo Guide. It's FREE when you sign up for our newsletter and tips.

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