The Comprehensive Guide on How to Sell Your Airplane Now on Amazon

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I'm very happy to announce that a truly comprehensive guide on how to sell an airplane is now available to aircraft owners.

Split into 14 chapters you get an amazing amount of guidance and first hand experience about how to sell your plane without losing your sanity.

The book is so much more than you get from our email tips or even the website.

  • Get in the right mindset to sell
  • Know why you are selling and what you will tell prospective buyers
  • Setting the asking price
  • Communication tools that save you time and frustration
  • Where to list your plane, details on your options and the traffic they get
  • How to talk up and QUALIFY potential buyers
  • Showing your plane in person and how to NOT kill your deal
  • Purchase agreements and negotiation
  • Managing the pre-buy inspection

This book will give you all the experience I wish I had when selling my first airplane and more. It will save you time, money and frustration.

Get it now on Amazon.


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